San Diego County, California

Trout in the Classroom Program

2/13/17 – Update

Conway Elementary students examine the basket of alevins.













The Trout in the Classroom program is going swimmingly!  The teachers received the eggs on January 20 and they hatched shortly after that.  The next stage in their life cycle is called the alevin stage, where they feed off of a yolk sac.  When the yolk sac is gone they become fry (now you know where the term “small fry” comes from).  As fry, the students must begin feeding them.  They’ll be released at the 7-8 week point at Miramar Lake.

The program has already been getting a bit of buzz, and was recently featured in the San Diego Union Tribune.  Check it (tr)out: Trout in Classroom, San Diego Union Tribune article

TECC is providing support for eight aquariums in several local schools: Conway Elementary, Quantum Academy, and High Tech Elementary, High Tech Middle, and High Tech High (North County campus locations).  Much of the funding for the Escondido Creek chapter of the Trout in the Classroom program was made possible by an Environmental Champions grant from SDG&E.  California Department of Fish & Wildlife regulates and administers this wonderful program.


1/31/17 – Update

The trout eggs are hatching!

Video of trout eggs hatching


1/20/17 – Update

The trout eggs were delivered to the classrooms!

trout in classroom

The trout eggs have arrived for our “Trout in the Classroom” program! These 4th graders from Conway Elementary School strike their best Vanna White pose to present their aquarium. The eggs are the orange cluster inside the basket floating near the top of the tank.


12/19/16 – Update

The aquariums are being set up in the schools.

trout in classroom

Setting up our first aquarium for the “Trout in the Classroom” program with teachers from High Tech High North County, High Tech High Middle North County, and High Tech Elementary North County.










Fall 2016

TECC Brings the Trout in the Classroom Program to North County!

You’d be surprised what you can learn from a fish.

As part of our Education Strategic Plan’s goal to foster stewardship, we had a mandate to provide local schools with a real-world environmental project.  When we asked schools if they would be interested in a Trout in the Classroom program, they were hooked.

This is a highly engaging program where K-12 students raise trout from eggs to fry.  (No, they are not going to fry the trout!  “Fry” is the technical term for a juvenile fish.)  As students care for the fish, they come to realize the importance of clean water and healthy ecosystems.  When the fish are old enough, the students release them in an approved lake.

Thanks to a generous grant through SDG&E’s Environmental Champions initiative, TECC will be sponsoring the program in three local schools.  The grant provides funding for all the equipment, and it also covers the transportation cost for the participating schools to take fieldtrips to the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve and experience our Watersheds curriculum.  After completing the program, students will have a clear understanding of watersheds, water quality, and civic engagement.

Steelhead trout were once abundant in southern California, but their populations have plummeted due to urban development, dams, and degraded water quality conditions.  TECC has a dream to one day repopulate Escondido Creek with steelhead, but for that to happen, the water quality of the creek needs to improve to levels that can support this sensitive species.  We are confident this next generation of stewards will help make our dream a reality.