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Free Gift & Donation Match

Our education team provides environmental and outdoor programing for over 10,000 children and adults every year! Donate to our Eichen Education Fund on Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, and all donations up to $20,000 will be matched. You’ll also be able to come by our office for a special gift if your donation is $25 or more.

$25 – Receive a Conservancy tote bag
$50  – Receive a Conservancy t-shirt
$75  – Receive a ticket to our Stargazing Fundraiser, Jan 24
$100+  – Receive all three!!

By choosing to give to The Escondido Creek Conservancy today you are making a difference. Every dollar counts. Thank you.


Games for a Cause Answer Key

Find My Feet; 1. d, 2. a, 3. e, 4. c, 5. g, 6. h, 7. f, 8. b

Critter Crossing Word Puzzle; 1. muledeer, 3. racoon, 5. cougar, 7. humans, 9. trout, 2. quail, 4. dog, 6. roadrunner, 8. bobcat, 10. coyote