The Sixth Annual Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve Amateur Photo Contest

Grab your camera and come out to the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve! Join Olivenhain Municipal Water District and The Escondido Creek Conservancy at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve for our Sixth Annual Amateur Photo contest. Located at 8833 Harmony Grove Road in the community of Elfin Forest, the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve is full of wonderful photographic opportunities for photographers of all skill levels. Winners will be selected from the categories of Water Scenery, Scenic View, People in Action, Plants and Animals, Black and White and Youth; photos will also be selected for the coveted Best in Show award. Photos should be submitted to Olivenhain Municipal Water District by November 4th, 2011. There is no fee to enter. Click on flyer for further details and application form.

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  1. Contests says:

    You’ll find that each digital photography competition has it’s own set of terms and conditions that applicants must abide by. A good use of a contestants time is to thoroughly read through the rules and regulations of the contest before submitting their entry, you might be surprised by some of the terms that are imposed. For example, I once entered a competition in Europe whereby only one photo was allowed per contestant. Had I not have known this, I could have wasted a large amount of my time taking and entering other photos, when that time could have been valuably spent making my one entry as technically fantastic as possible!

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