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California’s Mediterranean ecosystem is the most endangered complex of communities on the planet. And yet, most Californians remain unaware that the place where we live rates as a global hotspot of biological diversity and conservation value. Recognized by conservation scientists worldwide, the South Coast Ecoregion of California and Baja California lies at the heart of this hotspot.

Situating the watershed

Escondido Creek within the Carlsbad Hydrologic Unit

EF and Harmony Grove

A Community of Communities—Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove


Trails in the area

Recreational trails within the Escondido Creek focal area

Escondido Creek Watershed focal area

Focal area within the Escondido Creek watershed

Vegetation communities in the watershed

Vegetation communities

Draft land use in the watershed

General Plan Update 2020─Draft Land Use map

General Plan Update 2020─Referral map

Conservation stakeholders in watershed

Conservation stakeholders within the Escondido Creek focal area

Lands already conserved

Conserved lands within the Escondido Creek focal area