San Diego County, California

How We Protect Lands

TECC relies on donations from its supporters and help from its partners to protect the Escondido Creek watershed through a variety of means.

TECC prioritizes properties or projects utilizing the following criteria:

  • Property owners are willing sellers or project participants;
  • Protection is consistent with TECC’s founding documents and its current strategic plan;
  • Property or project is at least partially within or otherwise supports the Escondido Creek watershed;
  • Land includes or supports habitat with high biological value; and
  • Land is contiguous to or provides links to other preserved or important open space lands.

Preservation strategies used by TECC include:

  • Donation where the landowner(s) wants their land preserved for posterity and/or wants a charitable tax deduction;
  • Purchase in fee title or conservation easement by TECC or one of its partners at fair market value, based on appraisals compliant with state and/or or federal standards and approved by funding agencies;
  • Management of lands set aside as mitigation for development;
  • Partnerships with government agencies such as the Olivenhain Municipal Water District and the County of San Diego to work jointly in support of best management of publicly owned lands; and
  • Education of current and future stewards of conservation lands, including both youth and adults.