San Diego County, California

Lifeforms of the Escondido Creek Watershed

Lifeforms of the Escondido Creek Watershed is a citizen science project to document all species of life found in the region. Anyone can participate—whether it’s by submitting a photo of life observed, simply viewing the galleries of lifeforms submitted, or helping us identify unidentified species.

This project is intended to serve as a valuable resource for education, conservation, and public engagement.

If you’ve taken a photo of wildlife in the Escondido Creek watershed, please submit it using this two step process. Your photos will appear in the gallery below after review.

Step 1

Tell us some details about your photo by filling out this form and clicking send.

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Step 2

Follow the link below to our photo gallery on the SmugMug website. By uploading a photo, you are giving The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) license to use the photo. Only upload photos that you have personally taken.