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The Escondido Creek Conservancy Is All Hands In


Supporting the people that make conservation happen.

With the support of our wonderful donors like you, The Escondido Creek Conservancy has had great success leveraging small private donations into millions of dollars in grants that have resulted in the protection of thousands of acres of conservation land in North San Diego County. 


Meet the Operations Team You’re Helping Support



or  Meet the Operations Team You’re Helping Support
Because the land can’t save itself, we thought you might enjoy meeting the people that make the nuts and seeds of conservation happen at the Conservancy. When you contribute to All Hands In , you are on the team too!No good spreadsheet goes unstudied~ Rita PetrekovaDriven to improve standards and practices~ Donna Leon

Doing what needs to be done~ Ann Van Leer 

Getting the word out~ Steve Puterski

Creating opportunities in the outdoors~ Aida Rodriquez

The wizard behind the website~ Salem Mackintosh

The land can’t be saved without your help.

Your donations, especially gifts to fund the operations of the Conservancy, are crucial. The Escondido Creek Conservancy (Conservancy) has been protecting and restoring the Escondido Creek watershed since 1991. Because of your support, the Conservancy has had great success leveraging small private donations into millions of dollars in grants that have resulted in the protection of thousands of acres in North San Diego County.

Meet Our Operations Team

Landscape photo of rolling hills under a blue sky with puffy white clouds.

Ann Van Leer

Rita Petrekova

donna leon

Donna Leon

Aida Rodriguez

Landscape photo of rolling hills under a blue sky with puffy white clouds.

Steve Puterski

Please donate now to our new campaign, All Hands In, to ensure we can continue this vital work, for now and forever. There is no magic formula, simply hard work, diligent analysis, and strategic actions. We know the decades ahead present new, more serious conservation challenges, like increased demand for housing and climate change. The Conservancy’s accomplishments have grown because of the generosity of our donors and the strength of its professional staff, board, and volunteers who work tirelessly, because people save land.

Will you join us now, to set the Conservancy up for current and future success, by making a tax-deductible donation to All Hands In to help the Conservancy protect more wild lands for wildlife, in perpetuity, while introducing young people to nature?

When you donate to the operations of the Conservancy, to the All Hands In campaign, your gift directly supports:

  • Land acquisition, so that the mission of the Conservancy is realized.
  • Compliance with Land Trust Alliance standards and practices, so the Conservancy meets or exceeds national standards and that our lands are fully protected in perpetuity.
  • Strategic leadership, so that the Conservancy is an effective conservation leader.
  • Effective communications and outreach, so Conservancy supporters and the public learn about the Conservancy’s work and are called to action.


We hope you’ll enjoy reading more about the people that help save land in our 2021 Annual Report. You can be one of them.

Contact us at [email protected] or via www.escondidocreek.org for more information about our work or to join our mailing list.

You’ve been there and supported us through it all, stepping up to help us reach our campaigns’ fundraising goals and being the foundation for the amazing projects that has allowed us to develop. Now, we have a different ask: Will you help us continue?

Funds raised through each of our specific campaigns are marked and dedicated to the campaign to which they were donated to. Transparency is important to us – we want you to feel comfortable in the knowledge your generous donations are going exactly where you intended them to go, supporting the project you wanted to help make a success.

Due to your phenomenal support for our campaigns, they have seen lots of success, fueling a fantastic cycle of further support that allows those campaigns even more success, as donors like you see the positive outcomes and exciting results you’ve helped bring about.

We’re as excited as you! That’s why we do the work that we do, putting in many hours of work organizing events for the community, researching the habitats and ecology of our local Earth we share, developing educational programs for people of all ages to learn more about and appreciate the beautiful world we live in. We love what we do, and we are passionate and excited to do it.

So excited in fact, that we sometimes neglect ourselves or that our and needs being met and our sense of well-being  is what allows us to continue doing the work that we love. Behind every successful children’s summer camp we run, every land acquisition we make, every endangered species’ habits we protect and every clean up event we hold,  hides the mountains operations work: the hundreds of hours of necessary planning and logistical work,  the years of studying and researching ecology and the environment, the work under a hot sun maintaining the land entrusted to us, and the long evenings spent in the office developing educational, engaging, and safe curriculum for the wonderful students we work with; all of it unknown to our donors and the public, but all of it being absolutely vital as foundation  we must first create and then build upon in order to create success in the other, more public achievements. Without Escondido Creek Conservancy’s Operations team, there would be no Conservancy.

As individuals and as an organization, we strive to honor equally our amazing donors, devotion to our work, and the practical and functionally operational capacity of our team, while continuing to maintain the honesty and transparency you rightly expect from us; so we are doing something a bit unique.

Rather than quietly reallocating funds that you entrusted us with from other campaigns, as some other organizations might do, we come to you with palms open, wearing our hearts on our sleeves; grateful for all the support we’ve received in the past, and confident in the support you continue to give in service of caring for and preserving our planet and the living beings  who inhabit it.

Our new All Hands In campaign invites you to peak behind the curtain and get to know the amazing individuals on our team who work tirelessly to make it all happen, and how you can support them in the Conservancy’s work.