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Connecting Conservation Corridors

Please Support Connecting Conservation Corridors, a Missing Lynx Project!

People and wildlife need the same things – places to find food, safe shelter, community to find a mate, and a peaceful life to raise their young.

One of the greatest threats to wildlife survival is habitat fragmentation. Human development fragments wildlife habitats and growing human populations lead to the displacement of animals as well as conflicts with people, livestock, pets, and other dangerous situations (Defenders of Wildlife 2022).With your help, we can connect, instead of fragment, habitat corridors in North County by saving three key properties so that people and wildlife can coexist. The White Atterbury (San Elijo Hills), Elfin Acres (Elfin Forest) and Kesting (Harmony Grove) properties are for sale. They are all critical wildlife corridor connections.

Donate now and the Conservancy will work to protect these properties before they are lost forever. Thank you for your consideration!

Map of Properties