San Diego County, California

Schedule a Fieldtrip

EAdena Wingspan - blurred facevery year hundreds of school children take fieldtrips to the Elfin Forest.  All of our school programs take a discovery-based approach to learning, and adhere to Core Curriculum standards.  If your school resides within the Escondido Creek watershed and you would like to schedule a fieldtrip for one of the curricula below, please contact Education Manager Simon Breen:

Adaptations Curriculum (for 3rd grade)

Christina4In this highly interactive curriculum, students get outdoors and discover how different native plants and animals adapt and survive in their native habitat.  What can the shape of a bird’s beak tell you about its diet?  Why are most of the trees in the Elfin Forest so small?  Why is it so important to recycle and dispose of our trash properly?  The program consists of different stations with hands-on activities where students will learn the answers to these questions and more.


Watershed Curriculum (for 4th & 6th grade)

IMG_1086Without water, there is no life–and faced with on-going drought, water is quickly becoming one of San Diego County’s scarcest natural resources.  In this program, students learn about the Escondido Creek watershed, how human behavior can affect water quality, and ways to conserve water at home and in school.