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Internship Opportunities

DUTIES/JOB DESCRIPTION:  The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) is seeking an Environmental Education Intern to assist with nature-based fieldtrips and produce educational materials such as lesson plans and other resources.  The duration of the internship is from October 2nd until December 15th, 2017, with an option to extend until May 15th, 2018. HOURS:  10-15 per week; schedule is somewhat flexible but fieldtrips often occur weekdays between 8:30-12:30. REQUIREMENTS: A passion for ...

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New Shared Office Space

Street View The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) has created a shared office workspace called Environment, for small businesses working in Escondido and North County. Basing your business at Environment gives you a professional working space and the knowledge that your payments are supporting your local environment. Read more and see photos at  

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Proposed 453-Home Development in Harmony Grove!

In the past few weeks the County has released the draft environmental impact report (DEIR) for the proposed Harmony Grove Village South project. (See project map.) DEIR comments are due to the County on June 13, 2017. This 111-acre property, formerly known as the Tesla property, is located due south of the current under-construction Harmony Grove Village project and Escondido Creek, and borders two TECC-owned ...

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Willow Trees Update

May 2017 Wired magazine article about the polyphagous shot hole borer beetle and the Fusarium dieback - 'All the Trees Will Die, and Then So Will You'   February 1, 2017 The mystery of the arroyo willow dieback along Escondido Creek continues, but our message remains the same – please do not move any cuttings from the infested areas. TECC recently received an update from the samples collected in December by Dr. Eskalen from UC Riverside.  ...

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Spring 2017 Newsletter

What's inside our Spring newsletter? An introduction from TECC's new president, Richard Murphy, A Teacher's perspective of the Trout in the Classroom program, Escondido Creek restoration pilot project at Grape Day Park...and more!   Click here to read the PDF version of our Spring newsletter.  

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Nature-based Field Trip Volunteers Needed

As TECC continues to provide more and more outdoor education field trips at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve (EFRR), we need more field trip volunteers more than ever! Most of our field trip education programs target 3rd and 4th graders, but we also welcome students as young as kindergarten and as old as college students. You don't have to be a teacher ...

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Water Quality Volunteer Conservation Opportunity

Position Description: TECC is seeking a volunteer to help lead our water quality outreach efforts and help facilitate our Water Quality Monitoring Program.  TECC participates in regional panels and policy discussions about water quality in San Diego County and in the Escondido Creek watershed.  Additionally, TECC has developed a Water Quality Monitoring Program to help establish a baseline that is used to evaluate the condition and overall health of Escondido Creek on an ongoing basis, as ...

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