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Yes On 68!

The Conservancy has endorsed Prop 68, the first statewide measure since 2002 that provides a substantial investment in parks. Prop 68 includes funds to improve access to parks and recreational opportunities, and funds to provide clean drinking water, enhance flood protections and protect California’s streams, rivers, lakes and shoreline. The Conservancy is working with our colleagues here and across the state to secure its passage. The campaign is truly grass roots: we are encouraging organizations of ...

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Eucalyptus Removal Reveals Escondido Landmark

Eucalyptus trees are known for their fast growth and use in a variety of soothing, aromatic products. It’s no wonder the City of Escondido's decision to remove 17 Eucalyptus trees from Grand Ave’s center median was met with backlash on social media. Most Californians don’t know that these same trees can cause many problems, both in a native and commercial landscapes. According to city officials, the trees’ ...

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Cocos Fire: 4 Years Later

Taken by Richard Murphy in 2014, charred Manzanita off Harmony Grove Road. Almost 2,000 acres burned, 40 structures destroyed, and almost $5.7 million dollars in property damage were caused by the Coco’s Fire. The fire was ignited by a 14 year old girl in her backyard on May 14th, 2014. Fire season typically starts in October after the summer has dried out the vegetation but California was experiencing one ...

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Aquaponics to Help Local Pollinators

Last week our neighbor (also on Grand Ave) conservation organization, Ecolife, made a trip to Elfin Forest to install the latest ECO-Cycle Aquaponics model. The previous model in the Interpretive Center was used to teach visitors about sustainable technology and alternative ways of growing food. With the new system in place, however, we will begin growing native milkweed to be used in future pollinator gardens! Milkweed is ...

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Conservation Fellowship: Apply Now!

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD The Escondido Creek Conservancy, working with Escondido Education COMPACT, is kicking off a program for High School and College students to participate in a revolutionary re-design of the flood control channel in Grape Day Park. This opportunity will allow students to explore the watershed, work alongside business professionals, and make a difference in their community. Conservation Fellows with The Escondido Creek Conservancy will explore different ...

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The San Diego Urban Ant Project

By Matthew Leader, 11th Grade Biology Teacher, High Tech High North County For the past 100 years, San Diego has been faced with an invader that has changed ecosystems and pushed out many crucial native species. The Argentine ant is a species that thrives near humans in the ever-expanding development in Southern California. Widely seen as a nuisance, it also negatively impacts many native species across the county. For ...

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Natural Rodent Control

Last year a mountain lion was found dead in the mountains north of Los Angeles. While the reasons for the death are uncertain, signs point to the six compounds of a rodenticide discovered in his system. Despite its danger to wildlife, rat poisons and other rodenticides continue to be used to maintain rodent and pest populations. A recent study, however, could change public use of rat poisons as they ...

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Illegal Trail Restoration Update

Last month, an illegal trail was discovered that had cut through over a mile of essential wildlife habitat. One species that has been monitored here is the federally threatened California gnatcatcher. While the Conservancy allows recreation on certain areas of their reserves it's important for wildlife that people stay on designated trails; especially during nesting season. Thanks to some help from the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, ...

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