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We talk a lot about adaptations in our education programs. From adaptations in feathers to adaptations of our drought-tolerant plants. Like most of you, we are now the ones adapting to changes in our environment by working remotely and abiding by new shelter-in-place orders. Today, we are most grateful that we’ve built an organization that can weather storms like the one we’re in and for the creative team and leadership that can do so with grace.

Here’s what we’ve been up to…

Land Management

Since we fall under agriculture, our land management and restoration is classified as an essential service. Our restoration work is important to reduce fire risk, and since it can all be done with safe social distancing, Juan, Shirley, and Hannah are staying safe at work. Due to recent trail closures, they’ve also been required to increase monitoring at our Preserves as people search for open spaces to hike.


March and April were set to be busy months with cleanups, volunteer trainings, Earth Day events, and planning for our first annual benefit. With the cancellation of these events due to the pandemic, Meghan and Nathan have been resetting communication strategies and getting ready for the fall and winter. Spoiler alert: There are some big announcements on the way!


While the remainder of the outdoor fieldtrips were cancelled, the education team has been busy writing grants, creating virtual lesson plans, and strategizing ways to make outdoor education accessible statewide. Simon and Jennifer have also had virtual meetings with local conservation partners to strategize their education programs and discuss new opportunities during COVID-19.


Ann is continuing negotiations to preserve new properties as part of our Missing Lynx campaign and looking for new ways to ensure outdoor education for generations to come. Our Land Trust Alliance pre-application has been approved and Rita is now busy preparing for our audit. She is also doing her best to ensure we take advantage of outside resources to help us push through these next few months, as donations have slowed in recent weeks. If you find yourself in a comfortable place to do so, we ask that you consider supporting our work by clicking the button below.

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