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Back To School

September is here and school is back in session. As part of our 3-4-5 program, the Escondido Creek Conservancy will be providing outdoor education experiences for all third graders in the entire Escondido Union School District–San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy and San Diego Zoo Safari Park to take on 4th and 5th. As we expand the reach of schools participating in our programs we’ve also been able to expand our education team to help with the fun!

Our part-time Education Assistant, Jennifer Imm, was recently promoted to a full-time Education Coordinator. We were also able to add two part-time positions filled by Stacey Vielma and Elyse Goin. Along with increased help from staff, we’ve been able to recruit even more volunteers to help with our field trips along with many returning volunteers. If you’re interested in being part of our outdoor education programs please reach out to our Education Manager, Simon Breen. ([email protected])

Meet our newest staff members below!

“I have known since the age of nine that I wanted to be a scientist and work with wildlife. That spark ignited a fire in me that led me to a career in Marine Biology and I have been passionate about this field ever since childhood! Upon graduating from college, I began working with children and adults from all backgrounds and my interest in the field only continued to grow. Now I know that I would like to continue educating people on the importance of environmental conservation in their own neighborhood. Anyone has the ability to not only learn but also care about the nature surrounding them and I believe this organization is a great launching platform for local students. I hope to broaden my scope on environmental conservation topics and continue to be a positive force in people’s lives!”

– Elyse Goin, Environmental Education Facilitator



“Since I can remember, I’ve always been drawn to the beauty of nature. Even though I was raised with a strong appreciation of science and nature, I went to school for Automotive Mechanics and got stuck working in the print industry for many years. After an unfortunate injury and 4 consecutive knee surgeries six years ago, I found the Natural History Museum Canyoneers and proceeded to rehab while learning about the wonders of our unique and diverse county.

Since then, I have left the printing industry behind and become a qualified Naturalist with emphasis in our local flora by leading nature hikes for the Natural History Museum. It’s difficult for me to walk two steps on a trail without stopping and admiring our beautiful native plants. I am also an experienced Nature Appreciation Instructor of school children working for local non-profit organizations Earth Discovery Institute, Friends of Rose Canyon, and Backcountry Land Trust. Any given week I can be educating Kindergarten kids through seniors in high school, and I hope to inspire in students a similar curiosity and love for the natural world, no matter the age.”

-Stacey Vielma, Environmental Education Facilitator