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Bee The Solution

Insects across the globe are in trouble in what New York Times Magazine described as the Insect Apocalypse. Some areas have reported up to an 80% decline in insect species abundance and there is no single reason responsible. A combination of habitat loss, effects of climate change, and exposure to harmful pesticides are working against our insects, many of which are pollinators. Yet, there are many ways to help local species. The Escondido Creek Conservancy continues to protect open spaces for wildlife habitat and local schools have been able to participate in these efforts.

7th graders from High Tech High Elementary have recently installed native bee hotels and bat boxes to help combat the increasing decline in insects and pollinator species. “All of our work focuses on the protection of wildlife in the Escondido Creek watershed and these habitat installations are just one part of it,” says Education Manager, Simon Breen. “These students have been conducting research on native pollinators and constructing bee and bat boxes to provide viable habitat for these sensitive creatures. We feel fortunate to not only provide habitat for wildlife, but to also demonstrate to future generations that there are solutions to the many environmental issues we face today.”

The Escondido Creek Conservancy’s Board Member, Jeff Swenerton, helping students install bee boxes.