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The sky just after sunset with streaks of blue, purple, red, orange, and the moon over head. The colors spread out over the low hills in east San Diego County.

Boulder Update is in Progress.

Back in 2018, we acquired Mountain Meadow Preserve in partnership with the County of San Diego Parks and Recreation and the U.S. Navy as part of our Save 1000 Acres campaign. This preserve includes an old avocado grove and came with two buildings on it; old buildings were uncharted ground for the Conservancy. After some thought, we decided that rather than demolish these rundown buildings with spectacular views, we should repurpose them for our staff and board and our community. 

So began the Boulder Outlook – a fundraising effort to renovate the first building into an eco-friendly and fire-resistant office and program headquarters.  

Like the rest of the world, the build of our new office headquarters came to a halt because of the pandemic. Once we got the boulder rolling again, we found ourselves right back at square one, regathering bids for those that had expired and reconfiguring our game plan and fundraising needs since our original budget was a thing of the past and most all costs were now much higher. 

Thankfully in September of 2021, we received a matching grant for $75K from the Parker Foundation, and thankfully, because of our supporters, we rose to that challenge. Because of our supporters, the Parker Foundation, and an anonymous donor matching an additional $25K we raised $175K for the Boulder Outlook! 

A close up of the outside of an under construction ranch home, focused on a new floor to ceiling window being inserted.

This was a huge help in our fundraising efforts as this capital campaign is currently being funded by our land fund, a fund used to acquire open spaces when the opportunity presents itself. All donations received go directly into the Land Fund, enabling the Conservancy to preserve more watershed land and finish the development of Boulder Outlook.

Just as the renovation for this new office and program headquarters pushes forward, so do our fundraising efforts. We still need to raise about $250K for the Boulder Outlook. This goal funds all aspects of the build, interior and exterior. At this point, we have windows in and exterior siding up. Next up is our roof and solar, and so on and so forth. 

Even though we are not familiar with restoring old buildings, we are familiar with restoring habitat, and the grace and patience we have learned from habitat restoration have served us well in this journey. We have been assisted by the wonderful architect Drew Hubbell and our hard-worker contractor Shermanco.

Just like with habitat restoration, it takes a team to get the job done. If you would like to be a part of our help with this capital campaign, we have many ways to do so, including:

  • Make a Private Donation: 1-Time or Recurring.
  • Make a Corporate Donation.
  • Donate Building Materials.
  • Volunteer Professional Skills: Building, Art, Design, Plumbing, or Landscaping (to name a few).
  • Purchase naming rights to Pond, HQ Rooms, Patio & Event Spaces.
  • Purchase Personalized Bricks ($100, $250, or more) to be presented at the entrance, along the patio and walkways at Boulder Outlook.
  • Purchase Personalized Plaques for benches and seating areas.

Thank you for your previous philanthropic gifts and your continued support of The Escondido Creek Conservancy. We look forward to inviting you to Boulder Outlook for a hike soon!

To purchase YOUR BRICK please go to Bricks R Us.

For details contact [email protected].