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Cougars for Conservation

Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM) is the home of the Cougars! And the Cougars at CSUSM are working hard to help pollinators, which are in peril across the globe. The Escondido Creek Conservancy has teamed up with CSUSM’s Environmental Stewards Association to create a native pollinator garden. Many students, faculty, and professionals have worked hard to make this happen—from planting native species to attract pollinators, to laying pathways, mulch, river rock beds, and setting boulders and arches. The pollinator garden at CSUSM is well on its way to becoming a beloved retreat.

Children at the neighboring Center for Children & Families enjoy taking walks in the garden with their class, and the neighboring sustainable food garden has also seen a boost in productivity since the installment of the pollinator garden. While pollinator gardens are great for food gardens, they are especially important to our native species.

Some CSUSM students are volunteering at the garden through The Escondido Creek Conservancy’s service learning program, while others are conducting research on pollinators under the direction of the CSUSM faculty. Our hope is to learn as much as we can about our native pollinators and inspire others to create habitat for pollinators in their own yards, so that we can continue to see these amazing creatures flourish.