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GoldiLox & the Three Habitats

Water quality can be a difficult subject for children to wrap their heads around. It may seem abstract trying to understand how parameters like pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and more can affect habitat health. That’s why we’ve written a children’s book to make these concepts more tangible.

GoldiLox & the Three Habitats is the story of, well…GoldiLox. She’s a southern steelhead trout on a quest to find the perfect habitat to lay her eggs. But a good habitat can be hard to find for a sensitive fish living in a polluted world. Along her journey, she meets interesting animal friends, explores different waterways, and searches for a spawning ground that’s just right.

The book was originally produced as a student resource to strengthen our Habitats and Trout in the Classroom programs. But we’ve gotten such a great response from teachers that we’re now offering the book to the public. A printed paperback copy of the book is also available for $15. The suggested donation for a digital copy of the book is $10. All proceeds go to our Eichen Education Fund to support our education programs. Click here to download to ebook and here to donate! Digital copies are free for teachers everywhere.

The book is 20 illustrated pages in full color and is intended for children ages 5-12. Production of the book was made possible with funding from The San Diego Foundation, Malk Nature Fund, and SDG&E. Order yours for a child you love and help other children get outdoors in the process!