San Diego County, California

Illegal Trail Restoration Update

Last month, an illegal trail was discovered that had cut through over a mile of essential wildlife habitat. One species that has been monitored here is the federally threatened California gnatcatcher. While the Conservancy allows recreation on certain areas of their reserves it’s important for wildlife that people stay on designated trails; especially during nesting season. Thanks to some help from the San Diego Mountain Biking Association, along with media coverage in the Coast News and NBC7,  we were able to recruit a number of passionate volunteers who were dedicated to restoring the reserve.

On Sunday, March 4th, a group called the North San Diego Young Marines came out to help decommission the trail. The Young Marines is an education and service program that promotes the mental, moral, and physical development of its members. Volunteers moved rocks and branches in front of the trail and deconstructed rock walls that had been put in place. On Friday, March 9th, another group of Conservancy volunteers known as the Conservation Crew finished decommissioning the trail and put up signs to discourage trail use on the disturbed area. We are so grateful to have had such a great response from those in the community who understand the urgency of keeping these areas preserved for people and wildlife. 


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