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More Land For Los Cielos Preserve!

The Escondido Creek Conservancy protects beautiful open spaces in the Escondido Creek watershed. Thanks to some very generous donors, this spring the Conservancy was able to expand the Los Cielos Preserve by 45 acres! The Los Cielos Preserve has been steadily growing since 2010 and now totals 905 acres. Located in the Elfin Forest region, this Preserve is at the heart of the “gnatcatcher core” of the North County Multiple Species Conservation planning area. Preserving these lands is essential to protect the Escondido Creek watershed and the sensitive species that live there.

The Conservancy purchased Parcel I — part of the Rancho Cielo development — which included 19 previously entitled lots.  An entitled lot is approved by San Diego County for development. The seller needed to complete a rapid transaction and offered the lots to the Conservancy at a bargain sale price if we could quickly close escrow. The Conservancy was able to purchase all 19 lots for $500,000. The Conservancy’s generous donors stepped forward and we completed the transaction in record time. Parcel I is located adjacent to Via Ambiente on the eastern edge of the Los Cielos Preserve. The Los Cielos Preserve in Elfin Forest is the largest preserve in the Escondido Creek Conservation Area.