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Chloe is the Conservancy's high school intern for four weeks this summer.

Meet our intern, Chloe!

Chloe is a high school senior from High Tech High, completing a 4-week summer internship under Preserve Manager, Donna Leon. Chloe has been aiding Donna in the monitoring of MJM, Keithley, Harmony Heights, and San Elijo Ridge Preserves as well as participating in the Conservation Crew. 

Other projects Chloe has been working on include aiding at the Mountain Meadow nursery and uploading new photo content onto our SmugMug. 

After completing her second week of her internship Chloe said, “Today marks a week since I’ve been at [ The Escondido Creek Conservancy ] internship. The amount I’ve learned has been much more than I expected and I’m so grateful for the support I’ve received. 

“When I started, I wasn’t able to identify any plants on our hike. Now, I could identify various plants like clustered tarweed, yucca, and sticky monkey. My next goal is to be able to memorize their scientific names! I’ve also learned more about how the Conservancy works. Even though each Preserve Manager has their own preserves to take care of, each of them help each other out and are constantly communicating with other people at the Conservancy to protect the land. 

“It truly is more of a group effort than I originally imagined and there’s so many more people a part of the organization that I haven’t even met.” 

Our Land team works hard to restore preserves back to their native state. Preserve Manager Donna Leon says, “It’s been great watching her learn and be able to identify so many species. She’s really picking it up so quickly!