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Orphaned Coyote Pups Released on Preserve

Last month, the Fund for Animals contacted us about some orphaned coyote pups that had been found in Escondido. The pups had been cared for during the first stages of their life and had finally reached the age where they could survive in the wild. As more land in North County is developed, it is important that these animals can be released in open areas, away from busy roads or housing developments, with nearby access to water. Luckily, we’ve helped preserve 975 acres this last year and now have over 3,100 acres of wild open spaces in the Escondido Creek watershed to choose from.

Every year, we partner with the Fund for Animals to coordinate releases of some of their orphaned wildlife at different Conservancy preserves. For animals that cannot be released, the Fund for Animals provides a safe home in Ramona, California, where they can live out the rest of their lives. The facility also provides year-round rehabilitative and medical care to injured and orphaned wildlife until they are ready to restart their lives in the wild, and specializes in native predator species such as bobcats, coyotes, bears, and eagles. Many of these creatures will call the Conservancy’s preserves home unless they disperse to establish new territories.