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Our Hilltop Fixer-upper

When the Conservancy acquired the 700-acre Mountain Meadow property in Hidden Meadows, it came with an old duplex overlooking Daley Ranch and points beyond. An inspection of the structures quickly revealed deferred maintenance and building code violations that begged the question of what to do next and whether fundraising could help pay for it.

After much thought and research, we decided to remodel the building for our offices. The renowned architect Drew Hubbell is helping with designs. After some number crunching, we calculated that within nine to 12 years, the Conservancy would be in the black after savings on the rent we pay for our existing office space. In subsequent years, we would realize savings estimated at $40,000 a year as we begin to pay that “rent” to ourselves.   We are especially excited to open the  beautiful setting to our conservation partners for small events so they, too, can be inspired by the sweeping views and rolling hills of our inland North County landscape.

You can help us make our new facilities honor their extra-special location. Our plans include a fully-remodeled building and native plant garden with a gathering circle, pergola and furnishings. To help pay for all of this, we are offering naming opportunities on bricks, benches and other elements of the building and grounds. I can’t think of a better way to memorialize someone you love. Thank you so much for participating in this exciting opportunity.

Staff Contact: Meghan Williams, 530-321-1395 or [email protected]

Open the Boulder Outlook campaign page

Join the Campaign for Boulder Outlook

Remodeling has started on The Escondido Creek Conservancy’s new offices at the Mountain Meadow Preserve in Hidden Meadows. We are welcoming community support to help pay for the improvements. By investing in the building on Boulder Outlook, you are supporting the future of conservation in North County.

Next year, the Escondido Creek Conservancy turns 30. We have grown from a petite and passionate, volunteer-run organization to one staffed by a growing team of conservation professionals, backed proudly by an even larger team of enthusiastic volunteers. We are optimistic about the future and the next three decades. Our office is where the magic happens: collaboration, grant-writing, conservation planning, the logging of species data, and the development of education programs so the young and not-so-young can share in the wonder of watersheds.

At Boulder Outlook, we have stripped the old duplex to the studs. As a remodeled structure takes shape, our land fund is financing construction. Your gifts will replenish that fund so it can remain available for the land acquisition and conservation that defines us.

Your donations can leave a legacy for your family. Our campaign includes numerous naming opportunities, from bricks to benches to the building itself. Please contact us to discuss naming opportunities.

Set on a boulder-strewn hilltop, the building was part of a 693-acre acquisition we completed in 2018. The natural setting commands views of the oak forest and mountains from Palomar north to San Jacinto. We will miss being in downtown Escondido but, as a non-profit, we are excited to quit paying rent for office space.

Architect Drew Hubbell has drawn designs that are environmentally conscious and fire-safe. Landscape architect the Schmitt Design Group is helping us with a landscaping plan.

We look forward to opening our doors to you and our community partners.

Please contact us with questions!

Staff contact: Meghan Williams, (530) 321-3215 or [email protected]

Open the Boulder Outlook campaign page