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Revving Up Restoration

The number of preserved acres in our watershed continues to grow and we don’t anticipate this stopping anytime soon! With more land spread throughout the watershed, we were faced with the need and opportunity to hire more staff for our land team, an opportunity we are grateful to have! Now, with a land team of 3 and just under 3,000 acres to restore, we are in desperate need of another truck so our land team can divide and conquer!

Today we are asking for the help of our supporters to get our land team a truck, or two. If anyone has connections with dealerships or auctions, knows someone who may be willing to donate their truck, or someone who would be willing to give us a great deal, please send that info our way!

Other big-ticket items our team needs include a small off-road utility vehicle, a watering trailer, a line trimmer, a chainsaw, a back-pack sprayer, and more.

If we are unable to get a truck donated we will have to purchase one and therefore are accepting donations for our land team’s heavy equipment needs! Please feel free to reach out to Meghan at [email protected] or call/text (530) 321-1395 with any leads or questions.

Thank you—our work would not be possible without the support of donors and community members like you!