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Volunteers are crouched down at the base of a rolling hill pulling invasive mustard weed out of the ground under a grey sky.

Shrub Club Recap

On April 2nd, we held our monthly Shrub Club volunteer event at the Leomar preserve, The Conservancy’s newest wildlife sanctuary located in Encinitas adjacent to the Gaty reservoir. Volunteers worked diligently from all morning, removing invasive black mustard, wild fennel, and eucalyptus trees.

Accompanying the volunteers were Land Manager Donna Leon, Outreach Associate Aida Rodriguez, and Board President Leonard Wittwer. Working together with the volunteer Shrub Club Team will enable The Conservancy to continue to work restoring this natural preserve. Removing invasive species can be hard work, but being able to take in the beautiful view of the rolling chaparral hills and listen to the call of the endangered California Gnatcatcher made it enjoyable all the same.

Volunteers were even able to spot a pair of White-lined Sphinx Moths (Hyles lineata) mating. With a wingspan of up to 3 1/2 inches, fast wing speed, and preference for flower nectar, they are sometimes mistaken for hummingbirds!

An overhead of mating white-lined sphinx moths mating on the grass. The male sphinx moth has an elaborate set of brown, beige, and pink striped markings and the female is a blend of brown, beige, and white.

Mating White-lined Sphinx Moths. Photo credit: Jamison Lauria at LeoMar Preserve.

If you are interested in joining our next Shrub Club, please contact Aida Rodriguez at [email protected].

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