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Spring 2015 Newsletter

This past February I attended an event at the Stone Brewery Bistro and Gardens at their request. The purpose of the event was to meet with city officials from Richmond, Virginia, to talk about a project that Stone is proposing to site on the James River in Richmond. This would be a similar facility to the Stone facility in Escondido, but is on a river, will rehabilitate an abandoned warehouse/dock facility, and connect to areas of open space, trails, and nearby neighborhoods. You can take a look at the proposal at this link. Needless to say, I was envious of this incredible opportunity for Richmond, and it reminded me of what The Escondido Creek Conservancy (TECC) has envisioned for Escondido Creek as it meanders 26 miles through urban, suburban, rural, and wild areas. Over the past 24 years, TECC has built a unique portfolio of incredibly rare habitats that span several areas of the Escondido Creek watershed, and these lands are mostly connected to open spaces owned and managed by other non-profits and governmental agencies. Planning for the future of these open spaces is a critical function of TECC. How will they be managed, and how will that management be funded?