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Student Testimonials

We could tell you all about the amazing education programs that the Escondido Creek Conservancy provides, but we think you’d rather hear it from the students themselves! Below are testimonials from students who participated in some of our programs.

Habitats Program:


“I had lots of fun. I learned about trout and how trash hurts the environment. My favorite part of the day was when we went to see the little bugs. I looked through a magnifying glass and felt like I looked through a microscope because I want to be a scientist.” –3rd grader from Rose Elementary

Trout in the Classroom:


“I was so excited to meet these little guys, I had barely gotten any sleep…The trout were great and they helped us learn how to be more responsible with wildlife. The trout had a great time with us and they grew fond of us. We were sad when we let them go at Miramar Lake. Everyone said a special good-bye to our little friends.”

–5th grader from Quantum Academy

Project-based Learning:


“We built bat boxes and then we went on a field trip to Elfin Forest and on the tour we hung our bat boxes in the tree…I liked the visit because we saw bird houses too and we got to see a creek with a fish in it.”

–1st grader from High Tech Elementary North County

Conservation Fellows:

“I’ve gotten the wonderful opportunity to meet new people, form great relationships with others, learn about our environment, but most importantly, learn about what I can do to help. I’ve learned an immense amount of things, from the value of the Escondido creek, whom every time we drive past it I say ‘look, guys, there’s the Escondido creek,’ the importance of our natural surroundings, our environments, and how there’s so much we can do to make Escondido more vibrant as a whole. I am amazed at the amount of things and special features that are here in our city of Escondido, and now I value and treasure it even more.”

– Paola, 11th grader from High Tech High North County

“Something that I enjoyed about the program was working on my individual project along with participating in fun learning activities. My project is to help convince restaurants in downtown Escondido to switch from single-use plastic straws to more environmentally friendly alternatives. Through the fellowship, I got to meet new people and appreciate nature along with my community.”

– Mayra, 11th grader from Escondido High School