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TECC Can Help Your Oaks Recover from the Wildfire

The recent Cocos wildfire caused extensive damage in the Harmony Grove/Eden Valley/Coronado Hills area of the Escondido Creek Watershed, scorching over 2000 acres of land. In an effort to restore the rural landscape, TECC is considering hiring an oak expert (licensed arborist) to recommend oak restoration plans for burned lands we manage. As many of you know, TECC is managing the University Heights property under an option agreement with the owner while we secure funds to purchase the property. We will also be managing the Harmony Grove Village habitat areas at a future date. Unfortunately, both properties were affected by the wildfire.

While our natural lands are resilient and will recover, the oaks are of particular concern as they have been stressed due to the drought. We will ask the arborist to provide us with steps we can take to help maintain and enhance the oaks so that they are not lost from the community, and instead can be restored.

At TECC’s expense, we will offer that same technical expertise to residents of the Escondido Creek Watershed whose oak trees were affected by the fire. We are working with the Natural

Resources Conservation Service, (NRCS) to complement the assistance they are currently providing to residents.

You may know the old saying: “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” In that spirit, before the rainy season begins, TECC will be setting up transects in the burned areas (transect is a defined section of land or water from which observations are made or measurements taken to help educate and inform the public). We will use our transacts for photo monitoring sites to help track the progress of fire recovery over time.We will be reaching out to teachers and photographers to help us take advantage of this opportunity to help the public better understand how the land recovers from fire.

If your land was burned and you would like TECC’s assistance with your oaks, or if you would like a transect on your property or if you know of a teacher who would like to engage their students in this learning opportunity, please contact Executive Director, Ann Van Leer at [email protected] or (858) 442 0937.