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The Conservancy Visits Carlsbad.

If you want to get some attention, walk through a busy street faire carrying a coyote. Our executive director Ann Van Leer did just that at the Carlsbad Street Faire on Sunday. It was almost comical watching people’s heads spin as they tried to figure out just what our taxidermy coyote pup Elfie was about.

It was Elfie’s debut as an education coyote. She drew scores of people to our booth to tell us their own coyote stories, and ask questions about conservation and outdoor education. Note to the team: next time bring more coyote brochures!

We played the How Old Is This Pup? game with our young visitors, and we had guesses ranging from 1-49 years old!

Amazing things happened at the Carlsbad Street Faire, like the gentleman and his wife who used to live in San Diego County, and were visiting their son, who stopped by to thank us for our work. They then whipped out a $100 bill to donate. The gentleman told our development associate, Meghan Williams, “No tax letter needed. Just keep up the good work!”

It was the first time for the Conservancy to attend the Carlsbad Faire, and we’ll definitely be returning in the fall, and for years to come. The Carlsbad Chamber hosted a well run event with plenty to do and see. The wonderful crowd was very receptive to our story of land conservation, efforts to protect nature and provide outdoor education. Many had stories of their own about their love of wildlife and the outdoors and their hopes for even more land conservation and outdoor education in the future.

We’ll be working hard to meet their (and your) expectations!

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A man holds a black hi-top tennis show with a small black dog in it up to a stuffed coyote on a card table at a street fair where the dog sniffs the coyote. They are nose to nose.