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Water Quality Volunteer Conservation Opportunity

Position Description:

TECC is seeking a volunteer to help lead our water quality outreach efforts and help facilitate our Water Quality Monitoring Program.  TECC participates in regional panels and policy discussions about water quality in San Diego County and in the Escondido Creek watershed.  Additionally, TECC has developed a Water Quality Monitoring Program to help establish a baseline that is used to evaluate the condition and overall health of Escondido Creek on an ongoing basis, as well as to identify short- and long-term trends.  The Water Quality Volunteer will work with TECC board members, staff, supporters and advisors to help coordinate and expand TECC’s water quality activities.

The Ideal Candidate:

Because of the technical nature of water quality assessment, the ideal candidate might be a retired or semi-retired civil/environmental engineer or environmental scientist, a masters or above level student in the sciences,  or a technical specialist with:

  • Interest in improving water quality in the Escondido Creek watershed;
  • Desire to enhance and restore the Escondido Creek watershed;
  • Knowledge and understanding of water quality parameters and chemistry (or a willingness to learn);
  • Ability to physically perform monthly water quality measurements at a minimum of four different creek locations and/or someone willing to help recruit, train and oversee other volunteers to perform the measurements;
  • Ability to read and understand program protocol and quality control checklist and technical water quality studies;
  • Ability to analyze data to better understand ongoing trends and provide advice to TECC staff and Board members about water quality matters;
  • Good basic math and writing skills;
  • Knowledge of MS4 permitting process;
  • Ability to work well in partnership with others to help resolve complex environmental challenges;
  • Good data keeping (excel) and analytical skills;
  • A vehicle to travel to water collection sites and to deliver samples to the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center for analysis; and
  • Ability to present findings to the public.

While the above list may seem daunting, if you possess a keen interest in improving water quality in the Escondido Creek watershed, have a good technical background (i.e., are not put off by the idea of attending meetings where discussions are carried out in acronyms) and have a flexible schedule, you could be our ideal candidate!

Please reply to [email protected] with your resume, or a summary of your experience as it relates to this position.