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Wonders of the Watershed

Get your hiking boots on and your binoculars ready! You can help The Escondido Creek Conservancy protect wildlife by joining us on four exclusive hikes throughout the Escondido Creek watershed. Each of the hikes will have an education component, include a special guest, and showcase an enchanting landscape on Conservancy property.

These exclusive hikes will take place on several of our wildlife preserves. Each hike will be 2-3 hours long and will range in difficulty. We’ll learn about the local climate, native plants, health benefits of nature, and even have a special presentation on raptors at our newest preserve! Ticket prices start at $100 for sustaining donors, $175 for early bird general admission, and includes admission to all four excursions. Please note that not all trails will be in the shade; hats, sunscreen, and water are recommended for all hikers. Cameras and binoculars are always a good item to have handy.

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The 2019 Wonders of the Watershed (WOW) hike series will take place on the following dates:

Native Plant Walk – September 14th

Los Cielos Preserve – 3 miles of moderate terrain

Discover scenic oak canopies, soothing creekwater, and other enchanting landscapes along Escondido Creek. We’ll be discussing the historical uses and unique adaptations of our native plants along with the local wildlife that depend on them.

Forest Bathing – October 19th

MJM Ranch Preserve/Deer Park Monastery – Roughly 2 miles of easy/moderate terrain

Nature has been shown to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of cortisol. Join us on this meditative hike experience through aromatic coastal sage and calming oak canopies.

Captivating Raptors – November 16th

Sardina Preserve – 2.5 miles of easy/moderate terrain, some hills and narrow trails.

Join us for a morning hike that has the potential to offer glimpses of coast horned lizards, mule deer, and native birds. We’ll end with a presentation by a special guest speaker from Sky Hunters, a local non-profit focused on the raptor rehabilitation and education.

San Diego is NOT a Desert – December 14th

Bottle Peak – 2.5 miles of easy/moderate terrain, some hills and narrow trails.

Director of California Chaparral Institute, Rick Halsey will be leading this hike and giving us facts on the unique sub-Mediterranean climate of the Escondido Creek watershed. This hike has some sections with relatively steep inclines and can be difficult.

In case of Red Flag warnings or other severe weather, we will reschedule at the earliest convenience. No refunds will be provided if guest cannot attend a postponed hike.