Kevin Barnard is a life-long resident of San Diego County, growing up in North County when its beaches and the backcountry were still fairly untouched. He moved to Harmony Grove 15 years ago and has been involved in community activism in an effort to responsibly manage development in the Elfin Forest/Harmony Grove core habitat area. He joined the TECC board of directors in 2006. In 2007, after retiring from the San Diego Police Department, he took a leave from the TECC board for a year and assumed the role of TECC Executive Director. In addition to serving again on the TECC board, including service as president, Kevin also works as a Medicare fraud investigator. Kevin leads TECC’s work to expand its partnership with the City of Escondido to give Escondido residents an opportunity to love and appreciate a future restored 7-mile section of the creek through the heart of the city as part of the Reveal Escondido Creek project. Kevin’s “age-inappropriate” passion is playing hockey at least three nights per week in four different leagues, serving as goalie. Continue reading