Tim is a native-born San Diegan and a long-term resident of Elfin Forest where he lives with his wife, Claudia. Daughter Jamie, is now grown and on her own. He is a retired contractor and businessman. Tim’s interest in conservation began many years ago when he started to see open spaces disappearing and became concerned that in the future children would not have the opportunity to play in nature as he had done. Tim has helped TECC in numerous important ways including as a passionate advocate for the construction of the Elfin Forest Interpretive Center in partnership with the Olivenhain Municipal Water District. Tim continues to support implementation of environmental education programs at the interpretive center, especially programs for schoolchildren. He is a hands-on board member, always at ready to help as needed whether that means arranging to remove five old cars (by helicopter!) from a TECC property or doing needed repairs at the interpretive center.

Tim is on the Board of the Elfin Forest Harmony Grove Fire Department and advises the San Dieguito Academy on fundraising. He also works closely with the San Diego Foundation on fundraising activities. Tim is a strong advocate for clean and green energy and has a passion for sub-tropical fruit trees. Continue reading