The Escondido Creek Conservancy

San Diego County, California
Our Mission: To Preserve and Restore the Escondido Creek Watershed
Help Needed on Campaign to Save 1,000 acres in Northern Escondido!

  • Wildlife Tunnels

    “Success of conserved lands ultimately depends on a commitment to the ongoing, unseen, and often unglamorous work of patrolling, reporting on, defending, and sometimes repairing the most critical parts of those areas,” says Denise Harter, leader of the all-volunteer led … Continue reading

  • Rare Species Discovered

      Rarely do treasure hunts end in actually finding treasure, but The Escondido Creek Conservancy  had an absolutely successful treasure hunt this December. On a sunny winter day, land managers Hannah and Leonard set out with intern Colin, looking for … Continue reading

  • Forest Bathing

    Last month, about 20 visitors joined us on Mother’s Day for a Forest Bathing walk. Participants were guided through a series of guided activities and meditations to help stimulate their senses and connect them to their natural environment. Some of … Continue reading