The Escondido Creek Conservancy

San Diego County, California
Our Mission: To Preserve and Restore the Escondido Creek Watershed
Help Needed on Campaign to Save 1,000 acres in Northern Escondido!

  • Natural Rodent Control

    Last year a mountain lion was found dead in the mountains north of Los Angeles. While the reasons for the death are uncertain, signs point to the six compounds of a rodenticide discovered in his system. Despite its danger to … Continue reading

  • Illegal Trail Restoration Update

    Last month, an illegal trail was discovered that had cut through over a mile of essential wildlife habitat. One species that has been monitored here is the federally threatened California gnatcatcher. While the Conservancy allows recreation on certain areas of … Continue reading

  • New Hopes for a Plastic-Free Watershed

    On a recent visit to the Escondido Creek, massive amounts of trash and plastic were found collecting at the end of the concrete channel draining into Elfin Forest. In the Escondido Creek watershed, water flows from Valley Center, through Escondido’s … Continue reading