The Escondido Creek Conservancy

San Diego County, California
Our Mission: To Preserve and Restore the Escondido Creek Watershed
Help Needed on Campaign to Save 1,000 acres in Northern Escondido!

  • Making Way For Wildlife

    Restoration has begun on the 693 acre Mountain Meadow Preserve. Old agricultural buildings, many of which are not up to code, have been removed to make room for native plants, wildlife, and a potential science center! The 693 acres were … Continue reading

  • Bee The Solution

    Insects across the globe are in trouble in what New York Times Magazine described as the Insect Apocalypse. Some areas have reported up to an 80% decline in insect species abundance and there is no single reason responsible. A combination … Continue reading

  • 2018: A Year In Photos

    We have a big vision for 2019. But before we get carried away in projects, we’d like to take some time and reflect at all of our growth and accomplishments in 2018 and thank all of you for supporting our … Continue reading