The Escondido Creek Conservancy

San Diego County, California
Our Mission: To Preserve and Restore the Escondido Creek Watershed
Help Needed on Campaign to Save 1,000 acres in Northern Escondido!

  • Looking For Answers In Poop

    One of the biggest challenges large mammals face in southern California is habitat degradation. Not only do mammals need large areas of untouched land to roam, they also need these areas to be connected. Connectivity of lands is key to … Continue reading

  • More Land For Los Cielos Preserve!

    The Escondido Creek Conservancy protects beautiful open spaces in the Escondido Creek watershed. Thanks to some very generous donors, this spring the Conservancy was able to expand the Los Cielos Preserve by 45 acres! The Los Cielos Preserve has been … Continue reading

  • Origami and Haiku Workshop

    Within the creases of flowers, the textures of trees, and the folded wings of butterflies lives inspiration for many forms of art and design. Origami–the art of folding paper–and haiku–a style of poetry–are no different. Last month, Hitomi Mukaibo, shared … Continue reading