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Escape The Classroom

Now, more than ever, we can all appreciate the importance of an escape. We frequently encounter students who struggle to learn in a traditional classroom setting, but thrive in the unique setting of an outdoor classroom. And when students participate in our Habitats program, they don’t just escape the classroom once—they do it multiple times!

Our students participate in an “escape room” style lesson, where we guide them through solving rid-dles to unlock treasure chests and discover native plants and animals. Then, students get to see these plants and animals first-hand when they explore four native habitats at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. There, students get to use their innate curiosity to guide the discussion. And we never know when a lizard or a hummingbird might interrupt us to provide an unexpected learning opportunity! After their trip, students participate in a litter clean-up in their community—helping to make Escondido cleaner and local habitats healthier. These escapes are just what students need to re-fresh their minds and grow their passion for nature!
We are looking forward to a time when we can all escape into nature together, again!