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Fun Facts: Barn Owls

  1. Barn Owls do not hoot like other owls—they screech.
  2. Barn Owls have super sensitive hearing—they can hear better than most people!
  3. Barn Owl’s feathers help them fly silently through the sky.
  4. Barn Owls are carnivorous birds—their diet mostly consists of small mammals like mice, gophers, and rats.
  5. Barn Owls don’t always live in barns! They can live anywhere that is warm, dry, and hidden out of sight—like hollowed out trees, attics, rock crevices, and specially-designed nesting boxes.
  6. Barn Owls don’t build nests with sticks and twigs like other birds. Instead, they often use their regurgitated pellets as a nest for their eggs.