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Pride Month! Queer animals in the wild 

Pride Month! Queer animals in the wild 

Happy Pride Month to any and all who celebrate! Humans are not the only ones who are part of the LGBTQIIA+ community. We were curious to find out how other species wave their rainbow flag.

Homosexuality within other species was observed in 1834 by entomologist August Kelch, according to the Washington Post. He came across two beetles, more commonly referred to as doodlebugs or cockchafers, having sex.

Beetles were apparently not alone in their endeavors. Penguins in same-sex relationships were identified in 1911 by explorer George Murray Levick. In 2000, a male chinstrap penguin couple fostered and raised an egg at New York City’s Central Park Zoo.

Queer activities have been observed in 1,500 species, according to Instances of asexuality, polyamory, and gender fluidity have all been exhibited in numerous animals.

With love and acceptance, the Conservancy 💚