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All Hands In Campaign Update

Donations between now and January 15, 2023, will be matched dollar for dollar!


When the Conservancy began the All Hands In campaign in the summer of 2022, we did so to highlight the important work of the Conservancy operations’ team. This work is critical to the implementation of the Conservancy’s mission to preserve and restore the Escondido Creek watershed. It is people that save land, and people that uphold the high standards and practices acknowledge by being a nationally accredited land trust. For the Conservancy to succeed now and into the future, all hands are needed to help support this vital work.


We take your trust very seriously. When you donate to the Conservancy, you can trust we will:

  • Use your donation the way you requested and account for all donations accurately.
  • Continue working to acquire land to take it off the development market.
  • Responsibly steward the lands in our care, to make sure that wildlife thrives into the future.
  • Engage participants in outdoor education programs that introduce them to nature in a safe and inspiring manner.

We are humbled by the people who have stepped up to date to be All Hands In!

To honor the work of the Conservancy and its supporters, members of the Conservancy’s Board of Directors have personally committed to a dollar-for-dollar match between now and January 15, 2023, for all donations up to $125,000!

You can make a general donation to the All Hands In campaign at

Additionally, two community campaigns are launching for residents to support All Hands In.




In Hidden Meadows, three extraordinary neighbors have offered to match donations from their neighbors– dollar for dollar–up to $9,000! Your donation will be matched by these three dynamos, Amy Van Liew, Linda Collins, and Melisa Mitchell plus matched by the Board of Directors, so your $1 donation will result in the Conservancy receiving $3! And, because Hidden Meadows is such a friendly place, they are inviting Valley Center residents to join them, and, for those that do, the Valley Center residents will also see their donations matched. These amazing Hidden Meadows neighbors have also committed to raising up to $30,000 for the All Hands In campaign!

You can donate to the Hidden Meadows is All Hands In campaign at




Since all this started in Elfin Forest in 1991, the Conservancy has changed the face of Elfin Forest and North County, for the better, because of its staff and board’s dedication to preserving and restoring land in Elfin Forest and in the Escondido Creek watershed. Elfin Forest residents and Conservancy supporters have begun their Elfin Forest is All Hands In campaign to introduce new residents to the Conservancy and remind long-term residents of the role the Conservancy played to preserve and enhance their quality of life. The goal of the Elfin Forest is All Hands In campaign is to achieve 100 percent participation by all Elfin Forest residents!

You can donate to the Elfin Forest campaign at