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Nature’s Web Designers Are Back

Photo By: Hannah Walchak

Are you looking for a web designer? Well, then look no further. Yes, our native orb weavers are back again dressing our houses, cars, and plants with delicate masterpieces. After an an abundance of rain this winter, there are more plants to climb up and more insects to catch! Unfortunately, these web designers’ reputation often precedes their creativity,  persistence, and extraordinary attention to detail. Sure, they may wrap their prey in silk, wait for it to die, and regurgitate digestive fluid over it, but there’s no need for humans to be afraid. They are mostly harmless to humans and only bite when they feel threatened—although who wouldn’t feel a little cranky after spending so much time on the web.

Orb weavers help reduce the unwanted pests in your garden and keep mosquito populations to a minimum. And did we mention that they help the butterflies and bees with pollination?  Just around dusk is when these creatures are beginning their choreographed ritual by carefully weaving every thread into intricate patterns. If you’re lucky, you’ll witness the morning dew hanging precariously from each silky strand as they glisten in the morning sun until…BAM!…they’ve caught their first meal—or perhaps it was just you. Don’t feel too bad—these web designers are always looking for more work and they’ll just make another one. Just be sure to appreciate their works of art this fall before they’re gone!

Photo above by: Juan Troncoso