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Growing The Future

We are “Growing the Future” with a holistic project that will engage local students and volunteers in the restoration of Mountain Meadow Preserve (MMP) through seed collection and storage. The newly protected MMP is made up of 468 acres of pristine Southern Mixed Chaparral and Coastal Sage Scrub habitats along with 225 acres of formerly cultivated avocado groves. The old agricultural land is highly degraded habitat vegetated with non-native grasses, invasive shrubs, and dead avocado trees. This unique problem brings a lot of educational and outreach opportunities.

This project will facilitate the restoration of the degraded area of the MMP to a thriving native plant community. The Conservancy’s land management team will begin a pilot seed collection program to kickstart the restoration and to create a set of protocols to create a citizen science program. The project will also support Conservancy staff to lead a diverse array of volunteer programs from seed collection, storage, and care to active restoration of degraded habitat with hyperlocal native plants. If you’re interested in seed collection please contact us for more information!