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Our Conservation Team Gets Bigger

Like little acorns growing into mighty oaks, The Escondido Creek Conservancy is coming into its own with a growing land care team! This summer, we welcomed Conservation Land Assistant Jamison Lauria and Shirley Innecken joined us in the fall of last year. We are now 4 staff members caring for the Conservancy’s almost 3,000 acres of protected land. Jamison is an experienced wildlife biologist whose passion for all things conservation is truly unmatched—don’t be surprised if you see her on the trails at dawn, and then later that same day at dusk. Shirley is an experienced restoration ecologist who is inspired by southern California’s watersheds—she also has a soft spot for fairy shrimp. With such a robust team, the future of conservation in the watershed looks bright—Jamison is helping us push forward with projects from the creation of a nursery for stocking native plants for restoration, to invasive plant removal on the watershed scale.

We also have two summer interns, Rose and Lissa, who are helping with our projects! If you’re interested in volunteering please join us!

“From my youth I have been enamored by the outdoors. I graduated from Humboldt State University with a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Management and Conservation with the intent to aid in the preservation of wildlife and open spaces. I have worked monitoring sensitive, threatened and endangered species. The collection of my experiences has enriched my life with unique and rewarding moments. I am ecstatic to be joining The Escondido Creek Conservancy and contributing to the team’s dedicated efforts to save and restore open space for the preservation of our native wildlife for future generations to discover and enjoy.” — Jamison

“I am a restoration ecologist with over 20 years of experience in both non-profit conservation and in consulting work in the private sector. I have always been drawn to considering the significant connection between humans and the natural world. I have worked as a biologist in Hawaii, Northern California and San Diego County and hold a Bachelor of Science in Ethnobotanical Ecology from CSU, Chico. I grew up in south San Diego County and fondly remember driving “up north” to see the lagoons with my parents. These very same coastal wetlands and watersheds are what inspired me to return and continue my career in Southern California. I am thrilled to be working with such a committed, talented and passionate team at the Escondido Creek Conservancy.” — Shirley